White House releases Judge GO® for iOS and Android

Judge GO for iOS

Judge GO for iPhone

In the wake of the clash with several unpatriotic judges, who suspended the completely rational and justified immigration ban, the White House releases its first mobile game.

“We realized that many of our hotheaded supporters wanted to actively join the witch hunt against State and Federal Judges who are putting our great country at risk”, says White House communications director Sean Spicer.

“Instead of just publishing a list of traitors to the American people, we thought it might be much more engaging and entertaining for millions of American smartphone and tablet owners if we added an element of mobile ‘gamification’ to the public lynching process.”

Judge GO® is loosely based on the game dynamics of record breaking Pokémon GO: judge catchers go out into the streets to spot and catch terrorist welcomers -disguised as judges- in the real world, by using augmented reality technology.

Spotting a blacklisted judge will earn you 50 points. Torching the liberal Judas with a fireball or molotov cocktail will earn you an additional 500 points.

President Trump, who thoroughly enjoyed his first trial of the game, was quoted to say “It’s a great game. With great molotovs. The best molotovs, even Vlad says so.”

Spicer confirmed nor denied rumors of live events organized by the White House, in which hard core fans would be invited to hunt and lynch bad judges in real life at selected locations across the country.

Judge GO® is available now for iOS 10 and Android 7 as a free download in the app stores.


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